All adult residents born in the Cetina region, who feel love and affection for their homeland and native place, who hold respect among their people, and are willing to promote the objectives of the Society can become members of the Alka Knights Society.

The Cetina region, being an old Alka region, covers the area bounded by the villages: Zelovo, Potravlje, Maljkovo, Laktac, Bitelić, Bajagić, Gljev, Korita, Otok, Voštane, Kamensko, Tijarica, Budimiri, Nova sela, Bisko, Ercegovci, Dicmo, Osoje, Sušci, Lučane and Zelovo.

The Society consists of the following members:

  • Holders
  • Contributors
  • Honorary Members

The holders are: Duke, alkars and alkars’ escort, alkars’ squires, members of the Governing Board and of the Court of Honour.

A contributor can become anyone who materially contributes to strengthening the Society: by financial support, donations of antique weapons, uniforms, outfit, ornaments and other things; by promotional contributions, professional and scientific contributions about the Alka, Sinj and the Cetina region; or by performing certain tasks during the year or during the Alka Tournament.

An Honorary Member can become the citizen who has special merits for the people of Sinj and the Cetina region or for the Society, without having to come from this area. This honour is awarded to him by the Assembly with at least 3/4 votes of those present.