Court of Honour

The Court of Honour consists of three members.

The member of the Court must be familiar with the Alka traditions, ancient customs, the history of Sinj and the Cetina region, Statute, Alka Regulations and enjoys a reputation among the members of the Society and in the whole region.

Alkars and alkars’ squires propose a candidate for the President of the Court of Honour.

 President of the Court of Honour has to be from among the old Alka spearmen. At least two members of the Court of Honour must be the residents of the Cetina region. The Court of Honour monitors the Bara, Čoja and Alka competitions, judges the alkars’ behaviour and the horses’ race, makes sure that the competition and the whole ceremony is held under the provisions of the Statute and Rules on the Alka, and according to the ancient customs.

The Court of Honour decides on the recognition of points in each race and on the right for a particular alkar to replay the race according to the Rules of Procedure of the Court of Honour and its fair assessment. Decisions of the Court of Honour at the racecourse are final. The Court of Honour has its notary. 

Boško Vladović
Mladen Pletikosić
Tomislav Župić