Terms and conditions of use

Before making a purchase, customers are obliged to familiarise themselves with these Terms and Conditions and to reexamine them upon each visit to this webpage in order to remain familiar with their rights and obligations. Acting contrary to this shall exonerate the Seller from all liability.

The Seller is Alka marketing d.o.o. The Customer is a visitor of the webshop who selects at least one of the offered items, pays for it by credit or debit card and sends an order to the Seller.

The images depicting the items in the webshop are true to the real appearance of the items, though slight discrepancies in colour may occur due to the photograph or monitor settings, and customers are not entitled to make any complaints on grounds of this.

The Seller is not liable for any damages and other obligations that are within the scope of responsibility of the delivery service (the company that is in charge of delivering items). We wish to stress that, for returns and refunds of items, it is necessary to enclose the original documentation that was delivered together with the item(s).

The alka.hr webshop offers the purchase of all items located on the Seller’s webpage.

The currency is Croatian kuna (HRK). Prices are listed inclusive of VAT. Delivery costs are listed separately.

Alka marketing d.o.o., Put Petrovca 12, Personal Identification Number /OIB/: 13715301735 is the owner of the webpage alka.hr.