Delivery and returns

If an item is not in stock, the Seller shall notify the Customer of the possible delivery date in writing or via phone. The Customer then has the option of accepting the new delivery date or cancelling the order.

The items shall be packaged in a manner that prevents them from being damaged through regular handling during transport. When accepting the delivery, the Customer is obliged to check the items for any damages, and to immediately report such damages to the delivery worker that delivered the items, i.e. to refuse to accept the delivery if external damage is visible on it. Shipping and packaging costs are borne by the Customer. Shipping is charged at a flat rate of HRK 20.

Requests for refund related to item defects and all other complaints can be made in writing via e-mail or post:

The deadline for sending a complaint is 8 days from the day of delivery. If a complaint is found to be justified, the Customer can receive either a refund of the money paid, or receive a replacement item.

If the Customer decides on a refund, the Seller is obliged to, within 15 days from the receipt of the written notification on justified item complaint, return the entire sum paid to the Customer. Refund or item replacement can only be made upon delivery of the original receipt.

Complaints can only be made in the following cases:

  • if the delivered item is not the item that the Customer ordered
  • if the item has damage or defects not caused by transport

Complaints cannot be made if the item has been modified in any manner, or if the damage was incurred due to the carelessness of the Customer.

In case of any dispute in relation to the justifiability of the grounds for complaint and/or authenticity of the item, or in case the Customer, according to their subjective assessment, holds that they did not receive adequate service and/or an adequate item, the common business practice is to report this case to one of the competent institutions. The competent official bodies then perform all the necessary investigations in order to determine compliance with the law. In case of any dispute, the competent court is the court in Split.