Art workshops

Before the workshop, the children will be given a tour of the museum. The guide will draw their attention to details on the uniforms, equipment and weapons of the alkars and alkar’s squires and on the equipment of the horses.

1. After they are familiarised with the history of the Alka, and especially with the details on the alkar’s uniform, the children will be taught how to make certain parts of an alkar’s or alkar squires’ uniform and equipment: busby, shield, etc.

Busbies will be made from hard brown paper, with a "penoć" (plume) made from thin white paper that has been thinly cut in order to resemble a real plume, fastened with a decorative ribbon. Alkar’s shields will be made from hard paper, and the participants will be free to decorate them with a motif of their choice. Alka standards will also be made from paper, and decorated with a motif of choice.

2. Painting, drawing and modelling with various art techniques on the topic of the Alka and Alka-related motifs as seen in the museum.

3. Creating garments from crepe paper decorated with Alka-related motifs.

Target groups: preschool children, primary school children