Bara i Čoja

Rehearsals precede the Alka competitions and have to start at least 15 days before the Alka itself.

Bara i Čoja
During rehearsals the best alkars for the Bara, Čoja and Alka competitions are selected.
The Bara is held two days before the Alka. The winner of Bara gets a cash prize, a bronze alka, and in the procession through Sinj carries the sign of victory on the spear – two meters long green worsted cloth.
The Čoja is held a day before Alka. The winner of Čoja gets a cash prize, a silver alka and, in memory of the old customs, in the procession through Sinj carries 311 centimetres long red baize on his spear.
The squire of Bara winner and of Čoja winner gets a plaque. 
The Bara and Čoja competitions are carried out in the same way as the Alka competitions, only without the ceremonial alkars’ uniforms. Also, at Bara and Čoja competitions alkars are not excluded in the third race, regardless of the number of points earned in the first two races.