Alka squire

Alka squires are handsome, well-built, broad-shouldered and personable men. They are true representatives of the Dinara-Cetina highlanders.

Alka squire
Alka squires are dressed in ancient and rich national costumes and armed with old weapons. The clothes and weapons consist of the following parts: 
  • On the head they wear red caps with dark tassels; the cap is wound with a colourful towel about 1.5 m long and decorated with a small bunch of fresh flowers at the right side. 
  • White cotton shirt with wide sleeves, over it a short jacket buttoned with filigree cufflinks; the sleeve and the collar are buttoned up with white buttons.
  • Trousers are made of homemade woollen cloth, decorated with red galloons; they are buttoned with silver clasps which are at the back, at the bottom of each trouser leg.
  • Sleeveless jacket (waistcoat) is made of red baize, with silver buttons at the front; the upper part of buttons consist of one-piece, two-piece and three-piece plates, and the lower part consists of a string of parallel small silver buttons; some jackets are decorated with silver rings; at one or at both sides of the aperture there is a string of silver plates.
  • Jacket is made of dark brown homemade woollen cloth studded with red braids and red tassels; it is not worn but proudly thrown over the left shoulder.
  • Girdle, interwoven with red wool, about 4 m long, wrapped around the waist so that it covers the upper part of the trousers and the lower part of the waistband.
  • Leather waistband is around the waist into which a long yataghan and two small richly decorated rifles or holsters are tucked.
  • Ammunition-pouch is by the waistband. The squire carries a long flintlock rifle over his shoulder, holding its barrel with his left hand. 
  • On his feet the squire has woollen socks with embroidered oversocks, over which he wears peasant shoes made of dried hide of oxen below, and interwoven leather straps above.