Alka setter

Alka setter stands in the middle of the racecourse, below the alka, and adjusts the alka ring.

Alka setter
At each call of trumpet the setter moves to the left side. He carries a reserve alka at his girdle. 
His assistant stands at the right pillar which holds the alka. He lowers and raises the rope, as necessary, so that alka can be adjusted. 
If the alkar takes away or repulses the alka, the alka setter’s assistant immediately lowers the rope, the alka setter steps forward to the middle of the racecourse and sets the alka for the next competitor. The assistant pulls the rope to lift the alka to the reference height. To ensure always the same height, the setter’s assistant attaches a chain on the rope, which is used to accurately adjust the height of the rope, i.e. of the alka.
The alka setter has a stick, 322 cm long, by which he is calming the alka while the assistant is pulling the rope. In addition, he uses it as a measuring stick to lift the alka to the reference height. The pillars, rope and stick are in grey-blue colour.