Alka participants’ uniforms

Each alkar puts on the ancient knight uniform in the most beautiful glow, consisting of a baize dolman and trousers, silk girdle, embroidered sleeveless jacket and a shirt with filigree cufflinks.

Alka participants’ uniforms
On his head is a marten-fur busby decorated with a white plume of crane’s feathers; a sharp sabre hangs at his thigh, a deadly spear is in his hand, and on his feet black leather boots with spurs.
The alkars’ horses are equipped with silver and golden breastplates, with headstalls and tassels, and with decorated reins. The saddle is covered with abaya made of baize and decorated with embroidery, ribbons, tassels and silver ornaments.
Squires are dressed in traditional folk costumes. The jacket is rimmed by red silk ribbon and the sleeveless jacket is decorated with silver buttons. Deep blue trousers, made of woollen cloth, white waistcoat and white shirt are also the parts of squires’ clothes. On their heads they wear a rolled up red cap decorated with tassels and a bunch of flowers. Around the waist they have a red manifold girdle and leather waistband with silver apron for ammunition. A long khanjar or yataghan and two firelocks are tucked into the waistband. In the hand they hold a flintlock rifle leaning on the left shoulder. On their feet they wear embroidered woollen socks and light peasant shoes.
Drummers, trumpeters, the alka setter and his assistant are dressed in simple folk costumes with a red cap decorated with tassels. 
The members of the Court of Honour are dressed in formal dark blue suits with a blue ribbon on the chest.